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today is our barkadas xmas dinner

i should be happy

i should be laughing insanely

yet today only reminds why i started to
not hang out with them

they remind me of how miserably single i am…




not a fan

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please get it through your thick skulls…

im not a FAN of FUN-RUNS…

dont get me wrong, i give respect to people who try out running…

their first 5k…

their first 10k…

and much more respect when they target to best their categories’ time…

but for people to stay FOREVER in 5k and 10k and dont even care to

beat their time…

thats just blasphemy…

shameful (part 2)

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iam flabbergasted by how people on facebook

disgrace running…

boooo… shame on you…


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funny how some people call themselves runners/marathoner when all that theyve done are all fun runs…




Posted in love life on September 14, 2010 by daeqon

truth of the matter is..

im not over you…

* sigh *

moving up

Posted in love life on August 8, 2010 by daeqon

so i havent been blogging again

drama seems to fuel my drive to write about stuff

for a good few months, i have avoided drama

and kept straight on a good run of treading the right path

i dont know at which corner i turned to, but i turned a corner

i moved up

way up

a year ago, i was all up on myself for being single, dateless and
hopefully in love with my straight ‘friend’

and suddenly, at the onset of 2010, i turned a corner

it was weird

there were guys after guys after guys

think out of the gutter

i may be an easy catch

but im no slut

i still hurt when rejected

i still sob over a lost prospect

whats different now is that  ive become a different man

ive become someone i used to hate

it saddens me how hypocritical ive become

but i need to embrace myself now

so that i can move up again

its always you

Posted in love life on July 8, 2010 by daeqon

it has never changed
though the whole world knows that ive moved on from you

i still look with you wondering how it would be
if you and me hooked up

truth be told, i miss talking to you
even for a short period of time

i miss how we were before
and it kills me how we act like we dont know each other

i thought that we were more than ordinary people
passing each other by

i thought we were friends

god knows how i miss what was before

ive been dating left and right
but no one can compare to you

the only difference between them and you
is that they can return the affection

but though you cant
that doesnt mean things would change

* sigh *

its still you
its always you

that wouldn’t change

just say it
and id drop everything for you

but i won’t hold my breathe for that

like fairy tales and happy endings
you and me are but just a dream